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I love writing poems and essays.
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Recent pages by Rosebud

When I was young, my sisters and I used to catch fireflies. We lived in the farm and there were lots of fireflies all around. This poem will describe the fun days we had.
In life, we experience happiness and sadness. There are always trials we face in our everyday life, but for each trial, there's always hope. There is someone in our life who cares about us.
This poem is about how precious life is, and how blessed we are to be given this gift. Let us thank the Lord for this blessing.
This poem is about describing someone's beauty in the form of portrait painting. Sometimes, even the best artist finds it difficult to give justice in describing the subject.
This poem is about genuine love that lasts a lifetime. It doesn't matter what season of the year it is because true love is forever.
This is a poem about falling in love, being heart broken, and coping up.
Spring is my favorite season of the year. This poem is about Spring flowers.
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