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I am a seasoned freelance writer. I enjoy writing for health products. I studied Journalism in the university of Nairobi. I enjoy weight lifting and listening to house music.
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There are numerous advantages of zapping as stipulated by Dr. Hulda Clark in her publication. Use of zappers has ignited a hot debate in the health industry with some questioning their effectiveness and benefits to human beings. This article seeks to shade more light on the advantages...
Much as been said about zappers, how they work and the mechanisms behind their working. This articles highlights a study on zappers by Dr. Robert Thiel on a group of persons who used the Hulda Clark Zapper by ParaZapper.
The zapping technology, first developed by Dr. Hulda Clark lead to innovation of Zappers, this article seeks to highlight the shade more light on what these zappers is and where to buy them.
This article is about microbe killing zapper, as developed by Dr. Hulda Clark. It also features a study carried out to test the effectiveness of the equipment.
What is the mystery behind Dr. Hulda Clark Zapper, this is the question I get from my readers.In this article, I will uncover the working mechanism and how zappers are helping in killing of microbes and parasites. According to Dr. Hulda Clark, Zapping kills microbes.
Are you looking for tips on how to optimize your photography site for search engines? In this post I will explore through various potential ways through which you can highly improve your site for search engines
Decades ago when diet was a dream to people from the west, people from the Mediterranean were enjoying the Prasouda diet. This diet is considered as the most suitable diet for health living. Also referred o as the Mediterranean diet, the Prasouda diet has attracted attention from all ...
The very detailed guide for the gamers. Monkey Island 4 Walkthrough is an excellent game to play while online. Here are the steps that are featured in every act of this excellent game.
Do you know that primary colors can never be made by mixing any other colors, Just like any other primary colors blue is not exceptional.Here is an in depth look to the components of blue color.
The ultimate showdown in the music industry that will last forever.
Did you know ,that Ancelotti holds a better history over Sir Alex, and that in each round of UEFA champions league, any team that Chelsea loses to becomes the champions' winner.
Come across a diet rich in medicinal value,worry not then here is all the details of all important African traditional foods.
The fate of our engineering students being denied in Kenya.
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