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Hello I am contractor working in different parts of the world. I am a cook,I teach recipes and cooking techniques .My blog is cheapfoodrecipes.com
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We will make a New York Strip right in your home for a fraction of the price.
The fastest pudding you can make from scratch, but be eating in in over and hour !!!
This how to make the Puerto Rican coconut dessert pudding Tembleque.
This a way to make a great sauce for friends,family, or clients alike.
Today recipe is coming back from Puerto Rico. It is easy to make anywhere in the world and taste good too!!
What is Chicken 65? It is an chicken dish I first experienced in the middle east from an Indian family who owns a restaurant, long story short I did them a favor and I was welcomed to a wonderful dinner. It is savory, colorful and best of rather easy to make. Please read all the inst...
An American classic that I learned from being welcomed to a family's home.
Coquito a coconut drink that entertains the taste buds and soothes the soul!
This is a staple of Spanish cooking and taste. Easy tasty and keeps a long time.
Learn to Make your own Japanese bread crumbs (panko) simple and fast !
Learn to make restaurant quality Tonkatsu (pork loin) Fast!
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