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I'm a film/video editor and private chef/film caterer. I love food and entertainment so you won't find me far from either.
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The Midbest is where I go when I need new music. It's a new site, but they keep my ears alive with the hottest new music in dubstep, electronic, dance, and more
If you haven't already been there, it may be time to give it a look. is my newly launched recipe, review, and just plain kitchen blog. It's for all the foodies of Triond that have been following me for a year now. It's for all my friends who have been eat...
One of the best things I’ve ever eaten. It’s probably a bit bad for you, but I’m not too worried about it. It’s similar to eggs Benedict with a different sauce made from the healthy Laughing Cow Cheese, melted with butter and chopped spinach.
I just wrote an article about a variation of Eggs Benedict, and it really made me want poached eggs, so I looked around at what I had and came up with this little delight. For those of you who like Cream Cheese Bagels, this just mixes bagels and Benedict into awesomeness.
A quick recipe for those on the go and in need of something that takes less than 20 minutes. It’s full of flavor and less filling than a hearty red sauce.
I used to eat this meal all the time as a kid and I finally learned the recipe!
A quick recipe for how to make a quick and easy stir fry!
40 ounces of malt liquor is essential to this recipe. As the alcohol boils out it leaves a delicious earthy flavor from the malt, while not destroying the delicate brat flavor. Weird, yes, but incredible!
A ridiculously delicious unhealthy tour de force of breakfasts!
One of my absolute best recipes. It's soft, and tender, with a delicious salty crunch from the cheese crusts. I love it!
Chicken that’s marinated in Tequila and hot sauce and then dried and coated with honey mustard and covered in Parmesan than sauteed.
The food so nice they named it twice is a great combination with some salty breaded shrimps!
This is the recipe I use almost every single day for my girlfriend. It’s her favorite meal, and I sometimes even cook it for dinner!
A recipe for a new version of an old appetizer. It’s a southwestern twist and great for serving at parties.
I’ve always wanted to try this because my mom makes something similar for lamb and I wanted to test my sauce skills. It’s not that hard to make and it makes even the cheapest steaks taste like royalty. My girlfriend who ONLY uses A1 sauce with meats even used this reduction. I ...
1st and foremost, I’m from PA and have had a lot of cheesesteaks in my time, this makes your argument invalid. Let’s begin with the goodness.
Very few foods can beat the flavor combination of tomato, mozzarella, basil, and olive oil. Usually presented as a salad, this recipe calls for kebabs.
A delicious recipe for some Asian Tilapia that has a nice tangy flavor from the mandarin oranges. The soy sauce really ties the dish together.
These are fried fish cakes with light flaky tilapia! It's reminiscent to a crab cake in texture and is crispy deliciousness!
Lemon and dill. They’re a great combination, and on a light flaky fish like Tilapia, they give it a nice bold flavor. I hope you all enjoy!
A review of the first release from Rinneganz Productions. It also has links to the cd where you can download it for free or stream it!
It's just Croutons, Corn, and Oil. That's it, and these are delicious little appetizers or sides for an entree!
This burger is inspired by a burger available at the Burger Joint in the Flamingo Casino in Las Vegas. It was one of the best burgers I’ve eaten, and it’s my responsibility to make something as tasty for the masses!
A review of the recently released adaptation of the Nickelodeon children series.
The flavor content here is amazing. It’s got the light fluffy couscous, the tangy feta, the tart tomatoes, and the mellow basil. This will impress anyone your with, and it costs less than $6 to make.
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