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my name is (Rebecca Elizabeth Jimenez) married name is (Pineda .)
Im 33 yrs old been writing poems since the age of 9 I write about feelings ,love,inspiration,hope all kinds of poetry
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poem from a mother to her daughter on graduation day
poem about this girl and the bad inside of her she asked her dad to help her leave and his prayer worked .
poem about the choice being up to one to decide to do the right thing while paying the price should be a wake up call .
poem about the time spent between two people that will last forever and never die
poem about a girls love that was so strong for her man he didn't realize how much he never did before he seen her die.
too late is a poem about a girl that loved her man so much she waited for a very long time to see if he cared but as he gave her a ring one day inside of her felt different and she gave it back because her love for him was gone.
poem about a girl that used to lie with her mom as she was very sick watching her for so long and hating to see her mother in pain well she was always thinking about killing herself because she felt trapped .
this poem is about a sign a dad and his daughter had when ever theye'd say i love you and after the dad's death the wind was her sign .
this poem is about a fathers death that his daughter took really hard
this poem is about love and how it died before it grew
this poem is about the difference of what love can do as it senses all hate
this poem is about a lady who's had a bad life thinks she knows everything about others by what she reads and thinks there all about revenge but isn't true so she keeps trying.
poem about a girl making her man leave cause he hurt her so bad she threw away all pictures she had of him and one day he returned one she threw in the trash she realized he never really left that he was coming home at night slept there as well .
this poem is about who and how my dad acted and the things he said after his heart surgery that totally changed me inside .
This poem is about lies told for so long one can sense how the other will never change no matter what.
this poem is about the change in a man and how much his wife missed the the way things used to be .
this poem is about my daughter who was hurt by this guy she was seeing yet never told me as her mother just lied all the time until one day her little sister told on her.
this poem is about a guy who hurts his girl and makes her cry all the time one day she stopped crying for him cause her heart had enough.
this poem is about a girl who has a bad relationship and realizes that by staying with this person how it takes a toll in her life
this poem is about my dad after he had heart surgery i thought to myself all the time and id look at him feeling so bad i would remember times he came on his bike so one day he caught looking out the window and sensed what i thought of him that my dad will never ride again so he did ...
this poem is about a girl who thought she was ugly caused the dentist took out her teeth everytime she looked in the mirror she hated herself .
this poem is about a lady who goes around leaving mean comments because she has low self esteem.
this poem is about a locket i wanted since i was small my dad promised to get me it one day but he passed away i told my husband about it and one day i got my locket .
my mothers intentions is about a mother who left her family and tricked the father as if she wanted to come back just to steal what he had while he was gone and took off for good.
the letter i wrote is how a guy who told his girl one day she would see how he is always there
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