Les Trois Chenes

Les Trois Chenes
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Artist living in beautiful, rural Limousin France. We have a B&B and holiday home and run painting courses so that you can come and share the good life with us.
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We have a Bed and Breakfast and holiday cottage in sunny south west France, and run painting holidays so we have quite alot of outdoor furniture that stays outside for most of the year. Keeping it all nice and clean can be arduous as garden furniture soon becomes dirty and suffers fro...
There are many stories of wolves, witches and were wolves in Limousin, but happily, this region seems to be relatively vampire free. If you are visiting France you might be travelling south to Vernet-les-Bains seeking out the amazing Abbay Saint-Martin du Canigou which featured in the...
Free Food. Nettle soup is cheap, easy to make, readily available and delicious. Nettles are good for you and wild food is also said to be more nutritious than modern selectively bred vegetables. Nettles are good for your health and have many medicinal properties.
If you are fed up of mowing the lawn, why not get a little help from our animal friends. A pair of geese will keep a large lawn cropped pretty short, and a couple of sheep will deal with a bigger area. You will also find that you have some friendly family pets into the bargain.
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