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Iowa Scribe, is an established writer, editor, author, poet and playwright who is currently trying to pay the bills as a scribe in his home state of Iowa. See more of his work at
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Sometimes every other part of you knows something, but your brain needs a little time to catch up.
Something is always telling me, don't don't don't ever let the butterfly loose, don't ever let the butterfly loose, don't ever ...
Writers? Are you often asked why you write? Can you come up with a good answer? Here are several I have come up with over the years.
A rhyming children's story about a cute little white doggy
The Unheralded Birth of the Furlough: Underpaid journalists were all reading a McMemo from the McCorporate McHigher-ups. The memo said that every last one of them was getting docked one day's pay before Christmas.
.They're impractical. They're too biased one way or the other. The audience is too old. The Internet is killing them. Cable news is whipping them. Americans just don't like to read. All of these reasons are given, and although they all have some merit, when it comes down to it, they'r...
Sometimes life just makes you tired, and you need the strength of another to get you through.
The downsizing of newsrooms began with the elimination of full-time photographers, and was the first step by corporate-owned McPapers toward the mass suicide they are now committing.
A rhyming children's story, hope you enjoy. Maybe it can help a child learn to county to 9!
Heat of the summer ... missing the storms of autumn ... this is a poem I wrote on a windy day last September.
A fun little rhyming poem that puts a dark but humorous turn on death in the workplace. Please do not take this seriously, you'll enjoy it so much more if you don't -- although it does attempt to make a serious point.
A longer poem I wrote and read two summers ago, about an old friend.
A rhyming children's story that I am particularly fond of. Hope to work with an illustrator some day and make it into a book. Anyone interested?
A shorter rhyming children's story. Probably not nearly as good as "Katie-Lou And Buzzy-Blue," but I hold it dear to my heart. It kind of reminds me of the friends I had in grade school.
Just a poem I wrote several months ago. See more of my poetry at
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