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i am working of business department and i am perfect in business
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All business organizations required material for operate the business. They required supplies of materials from outsiders. Purchasing relates the act of exchanges of goods and services for money.
Materials management is an essential part of business. The growth of business depends on good materials management. Some importance of materials management are as follows:
The objects of material management are as follows 1 To maintain the inventory materials for the working capital. 2 To purchases materials at minimum price. 3 To establish good vendor customer relationship.
1 The formation of company is not easy. 2 It works under rules and regulation formed by the government. The management of the company is in the hand of few shareholders. 4 Due to board of directors business decisions are very slowly.
The important merits of a company are as follows 1 A company has huge capital fund 2 The liability of the share holders are limited to the face value of share. 3 Company has a separate legal entity.
1 Company is a voluntary association of person duly incorporated and registered under the law. 2 Company is regarded as an artificial person created by law hiving a separate existence of its own
1 co operative society has limited financial resources. 2 co operative society has inefficiency in operation of business activities. 3 Co operative society has lack of secrecy of their business secrets. 4 Co operative society has lack of motivation.
The important characteristics of co operative society as follows 1 it is a voluntary association of individuals.
it is a simple process. two or more person are included in partnership business.
In a sole proprietorship business, only one man introduces capital, undertakes the risk involved in the business and controls the whole affairs of the business. Each person has his own limitations and needs help from other persons to run a business therefore some persons may combine a...
Demerits of sole Proprietorship The important demerits of sole proprietorship are as follows : 1 Limited sources : the sole proprietor has limited financial source. He is single person in proprietorship. Therefore, he depends on his personal resources only.
1 Easy Establishment : it is stated above that a sole proprietor can start the business with small amount of capital and few legal formalities.
It has been discussed in the previous chapter that business provides an important source of earning the person who establishes business is know as businessman. Businessman introduces capital in business and earns profit by business activities. Therefore business may be classified in ...
The important functions of commerce are as follows: Removing disturbance of person : it is not necessary that the producers and the consumers of good are always situated in the same area.
Employment is related to a contract between a person and an enterprises. When a person give services to an enterprises under a contract of employment then he gets wages or salary bonus and other benefits in lieu of his service. The enterprises may be government semi government or priv...
Trade, industry and commerce part 4 A profession is a specialized occupation. It is related to a specified knowledge and training about the related field. The examples of professional are doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants etc.
Business is an essential part of economic activities. Business deals in goods and services to earn profit on a regular basis. On the basis of the above definition it can be concluded that business includes those activities which are related to production or purchase and selling them ...
In our daily life, we see that people are attached in several activities. These activities can be divided into two parts economic and non-economic. Economic activities are related to production, service, exchange, distribution, transportation, banking, insurance etc. For example,,
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