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I am no longer a active member here. Please delete my account. Please delete my writings. I am just not active here. Please delete delete delete
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This poem is about taking the step into the right direction. You will feel happy with a bright future.
This poem is about how; it can be hard to trust people. We can have a hard time, telling the truth to people. We do lie, though, it is better to tell the truth.
This poem is about being trapped, in a past moment, when I was full of happiness. I can't back go back in the past; I have to live in this current time.
This poem is about how; I use writing, as a way to express myself. Words come from within, my soul as I write.
This poem is about how; we are attracted, to other people. Sometimes temptation causes us, to want to give into, our deepest desires.
This poem is about missing someone I love. I'm sad I can't wait to see the person again.
This poem is about is about a woman, that lacks confidence in herself. She doesn't realize how beautiful she is.
This poem is about our desire, to be with our one true love. We can feel all alone, if we are single, but love is all around us.
This poem is about is about our secrets, we keep hidden deep inside us. We fear of our secrets getting exposed and of being rejected.
This poem is about being lost in a past love. The love will always remain deep within me.
This poem is about a puppy that is lost and wonders the streets. He wants to find his way, to a family that can take care of him.
This poem is about a sad little bunny that is lost in the wilderness. She hops down a trail and finds her way to a new destination.
This poem is about my dream of being on a tropical paradise. This place is calm and peaceful.
This poem is about being in love with someone. The love is still strong within me, though, I have not seen the person in years.
This poem is about a beautiful woman. This woman is beautiful inside and out. People always want to be around her.
This poem is about my wondering what will happen in my future. This is about the fears of what will happen.
This poem is about the love of my life being gone forever. The memory of the love that was once shared will never be forgotten.
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