Noreen Ann Snyder

Noreen Ann Snyder
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I am a published poet. My husband, Garry A. Snyder and I are both published authors of two poetry books: Two Hearts in One and The Aura of Truth. I am happily married to Garry Snyder.
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I just dropped by to say Merry Christmas to all my friends and family!
Two Hearts in One is a published poetry book by my husband, Garry A. Snyder and me (Noreen Ann Snyder).
This is another Halloween poem using Acrostic poetry form. I hope that you like it too.
Here is another Halloween poem for you to enjoy reading. I hope that you like it.
Halloween is around the corner. Here is three different Halloween Haikus that I thought you will enjoy.
I have learned a new form called Somonka. I hope that you enjoy reading this poem.
What a sad place to be and to watch the scenery of the nightlife!
Halloween is just around the corner. May you enjoy my Halloween Blitz poem. Don't be too scared; it's only Halloween time.
I have written another personification poem. This one is titled Winter. I hope that you enjoy this one.
Celebration of love and give a toast to you and your loved one without a reason. I have written this poem for my loving husband, Garry.
I have been told some people love to read my blitz poetry. So I will share another blitz with you. I hope you enjoy this one too.
This is another personification poem about the parchment paper. I hope that you enjoy!
This is a powerful poem about Jesus died on the cross and rose again from a different angle viewpoint. I hope that you enjoy reading this too! Have a great day!
Listen to the truth of a poet. Do not fear! I hope that you enjoy this one too!
Here is another personification on love. I hope that you enjoy this one too.
I wrote this poem through the elderly's eyes, their point of view. Remember one day we might live to be their age if the good Lord willingly.
I have written another sonnet last month. I hope that you enjoy this one too like I enjoyed writing it. It is fun but hard to write a sonnet.
You might have heard me read my poem, If You Really and Truly Love Me, on here or on Speakeasy Cafe but now you can read my poem on here. Have you heard the fetus point of view on abortion? Read on!
This is my first Sevenling poetry form that I wrote today. I hope that you enjoy this one.
This is a different kind of poem. It is about nothing. I hope that you enjoy this one, too.
Here's another love poem that I've written. I hope that you will enjoy this one, too.
I have been wanting to do this for a long, long, long time but after the Reverse Show tonight, I am going for it. Please Read on!
What legacy do you want to leave behind when it's your time to go ? Think about it.
Full of hope and dreams lighting up my life. God knows I love you. To my loving Sweetheart and husband, Garry Snyder.
My wedding vows that I will always keep to my husband, Garry Snyder.
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