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A Young Indian Author and a Philosopher. With a real intention to inspire this World, I willingly step into this website..
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Recent pages by Jeswant

Alarm ring!! The most irritating of all. We finally get frustrated with it, and at the same time never wake up on time. So, here's a simple trick to help you overcome this...
It happens! Sometimes, when we sit in front of the book, something in the mind compels us to get back past into the sweet memories, days, months and years ago. So, here's a rhyme to carve out the entire situation into a poem.
A beautiful poem to awake your senses to judge it on your Wisdom and learn from it.. Hope you to have a pleasant emotional Experience..
Words that come from heart have no limit and so is with this article…..
An article based on the request created to the WikiNut users to stretch their overwhelming support to my newly opened online academy. Hope to receive a Positive Response.
Getting Inspired and Inspiring Anyone is a good Idea to be considered. Let's go ahead with a step by step process to inspire anyone at any moment.
A brief description of my eye-witness of this astonishing situation!
An Excellent article that helps you develop a sense of Inspiring others. Hope to have a Pleasant Reading.
A beautiful self-styled Sonnet on the well-reputed Politician on the Planet.
A beautiful poem on the sorrowful emotions that arise when you get struck in the traffic.
A detailed description on the reasons you need to develop your communication skills. A perfect guide to motivate yourself and surprise others with some developments.
A very detailed conditional article providing you a suspicious insight of an Imagination of the Future Predictions.
After a continuous Mind Gymnastics on the above topic, I come to the following conclusions on it. It all requires your Corporation and Co-ordination.
A beautiful poem on the sorrowful trap in a strange Thunderstorm. Enjoy reading this Poem.
5 Rupees!! That sounds so low! But, here's a Story, where you get to locate a person, whose Life prospers with just 5 rupees!
A beautiful poem on the art of Smelling. Have a pleasant Reading of the Poem.
Understanding and realizing the Importance of a Tubelight, I dedicate this poem to its Wonderful Invention.
Confidence exists in everyone but it may reach to an extent of Overconfidence. So, here's a story describing clearly a conversation with a dealer that shows that he's Overconfident. It includes a test which you can also perform so as to test your Confidence levels.........
A beautiful poem on the beauty and the nature of Rain......
A beautiful poem on the suspicious accident. Hope you to have a thrilling read.
A Funny and a thrilling Incident.. Have a pleasant reading.
Culture is what most of the Indian seek. Here's a situation witnessed by me, in which Indians were ready to do something extraordinary part of their Life.....
I work, you work and everyone in this Planet works i one or the other manner. Sometimes, time gets very limited to complete such huge Works. Thus, we do commit a lot of mistakes. Here's a beautiful poem explaining the consequences of a Work done in a hurry.
Got a Negative Behavior?? Lost your Reputation?? Here's a book that clearly describes the reasons for your Negative Behavior and the steps to change it.
Happiness is what everyone wishes. But, of course not everyone in this World is happy. Here are few tips that always keep you happy.. This Article is purely based on Experience.
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