Leroy Walker

Leroy Walker
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I love to Write, and have value towards getting my self out there.
My work speaks for it's self.
In the fields of Poetry, Psychology, Sociology, "Anthropology" in general.
(And etc...)
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Recent pages by Leroy Walker

Narrator: This Inevitable owl, had been with Mr. Walker for quite a while. Mysterious as it may seem, this Owl brought Mr. Walker out of the manipulations of Lucifer,( which had started at the age 7, when Lucifer told Mr. Walker that he was his father,) and back to GOD. .Who is this O...
Mr. Walker stresses the Greater values of what is capable of becoming, the next big thing. We must pay close attention to this one of a kind writer, do to his valuable intellectual assets, as being promising.
This one of a kind aurthor, has established poetry also, in this magnificent field of writting. One must read, to take heed.
Grand teachings, by Leroy Walker , that you will have to see for your self. This article is mainly about what Mr. Leroy Walker calls the Dowel Pulse, of All living Human Beings; That if recognized by an individual, separated, as well as re-organized, with the self discipline, of such ...
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