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I am poet and very much passionate about writing. I indulge in literary not just for pleasure but as a lifetime career. Features and literary writing are my areas of concentration.
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Summer is here. Bet, you cannot wait to push yourself into the limits for this summer break. Get excited, get a tan! So keep yourself busy, enjoy the hoopla while the heat is on. Get sun bath or whatever you want to mark yourself with an unforgettable summer treats.for this year alon...
It’s like your day but it seems like you are doomed, oh hell, can’t people stay away from your comfort zone and get a life without infesting yours? This is what you call a hellish day when others try to invade your pretty much comfortable circle of life. This happens all the time,...
I love trees. Just the sight of them makes me happy. It feels sad when there are civilians who don't care about their welfare and the benefits these resources give to our environment and to us as human.
Boredom is such an immortal enemy of a working person especially when the idea of being unproductive comes along the way. Hope this boredom article will help boost your working relationship with your co-workers, and help find your job more interesting
Letter writing is a beautiful craft, an undisputed vehicle of our emotions, a tested instruments of our imaginations and expressions. It is one of the most vintage writing craft of all times. In old days and even at present, letters are still considered among the most reliable conveya...
This is all about my writing as my passion which anchors my very soul. I cannot imagine life without writing. It's damaged and wasted when there is no flow of any expression coming from the inner core of a person. This page is about my elusive affair with the literary universe. I hope...
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