Emiliya Pacheva

Emiliya Pacheva
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Emiliya is very creative and innovative person. Everything what she writes is full with passion and locks her emotions. She likes to be very precise in her work.
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If the chicken and fish dishes are your passion - offer you some recipes - full with the Spanish passion! Chicken soufflé (for children over 8 months) - make something delicious to your kid. Paella - here is a recipe how to make quickly the most famous Spanish dish. Chicken with or...
Fig sauce with rosemary - refresh your senses. Chips bacon and cheese - do not eat chips with flavours - make a natural one! Stuffed Boiled Eggs - easy starter with eggs. Tortellini with Prosciutto and Sage - Italian recipe for tortellini.
Offer you vegetable bombs! Enjoy it! Vegetable cocktail - mix of healthy vegetables. Fresh Baked Potatoes with Rosemary - one easy and delicious fresh potatoes recipe. Vegetable puree (for children over 6 months) - make something delicious to your baby.
Delicious salads! Greek Salad - how to make fresh and delicious Greek Salad?! It is simple and tasty work! Salad of apples and yellow cheese - very creative salad. Andalusian salad - welcome to Andalusia. Try this fresh recipe. Tuna Salad with Avocado - healthy salad with Tuna within...
Offer you a few easy and delicious deserts: Banana Cream - great for babies over 18monhts. Banana bread for tea - make your afternoon tea delicious. Dessert Melon - refresh your summer! Cream Caramel - milky cream with caramel.
Summer time - summer food - learn how to prepare a delicious dinner with the sea-food fruits .
Don't you know what kind of starters to serve - I will give you a few interesting offers. Wine is good with caviar, but not only... Check it !
Our body needs energy and vitamins everyday. Take them from the nature! There are 12 easy and very delicious and refreshing cocktails. Mix the ingredients and enjoy it! + 12SMOOTHIE RECIPES Do you like start you morning with something fresh and healthy?! Here are some recipes of bes...
What do you think about the fast life we live – good or bad?! Better check it! & Show me your hands and I will tell you what kind of person you are!
Is happened with you - you are traveling with your car in the mountains and at the same time … you are on the beach?! Or you are reading your book in the garden and after moment find yourself in the jungle. No, don’t worry, you are not gone crazy – for this the scientists have a...
Here I collected some of my favourite ‘’smart sentences’’ ever. Enjoy it! P.S. And… can you tell me your favourite?!
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