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Jack of all trades, that's the way they call me. The Captain of my own ship.
I have my passion on writing, personal thoughts and social issues are the main focus of my posts.
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I had an immediate issue regarding the Cyber Crime Law, specifically the Cyber bullying. I was just curious to know about it. I hope you can help me to figure this out.
This is an essay about those Grade Conscious students. More so, this is to inspire all of them after I have watched the Indian Movie (2009), the Three Idiots. Hope this helps to change every perspective of students out there! Bear in mind, "All is Well!"
It is an essay about Fire Prevention and Safety. We should always be aware of potential hazards in our home. Start by keeping in mind, “Prevention is better than cure.” — THE BURNING TRUTH!
This is my first page here at Wikinut... and my first article is about gender equality. Here's a by Nancy Smith entitled, "For Every Woman"
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