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Team Shepherd
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A nomadic freelancer who loves writing about arts and crafts, earning money online and sports.
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Recent pages by Team Shepherd

The review of the new Fight Night Champion video game, the newest installment of the Fight Night series.
Useful tips on how to purchase the home you want at the price you want.
A look at how truck owner operators can renew their IRP registration. The state used for the example is Michigan. All of the states follow more or less the same guide but it is good to check the exact details with your state.
Tips on how to prepare for and file the fuel tax forms, as well as some tips on what to do if you are too close to the deadline and unprepared.
A look at how tourists in Europe can get tax refund on the shopping done there.
No matter what the year is, you should check out your property tax records. There is a chance that you are overpaying. If that is the case you could take steps to lower your property tax.
A look at purchases and investments through which you can get the Energy Efficiency Tax Credit. Some of these credits are currently running through 2016.
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