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I am Kendric. I like exploring interesting topics and sharing. I hope you enjoy my articles.
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Social media is am important part of our lives. I have a idea that social media will change how future generations do family research.
Earning money online is tough. Read this articles, and find out if you agree with me.
Earning money online is a tough, in some cases. If you would like, learn about the reality of earning money online is tough.
This Post is about my experience with blogging. Over the past year, I have learned many things about the new lemonade stand.
A Woman Called Moses is a movie about abolitionist, Harriet Tubman. This is a summary of the movie about the popular woman, that was ahead of her time.
TLC Has a new show, Married by Mom & Dad. This series allows the parents to choose their new son or daughter in law.
This post is about the information I learned when I did my history search.
This article is about my personal experience with graduate school.
This is a summary of my family Christmas tradition, Pulling Names.
Making money online is something we all do, however, you can now get paid to poop in the U.S. Read the article for more information.
Low-Fats foods are not always good for you, they are loaded with calories to
Pumpkins are just for Halloween decorations they offer many health benefits
Thus article is about how yoga can help control certain ailmens
This article is about foods that could prevent you from sleeping
This article is about fruits that grow in the fall and their health benefits.
This is a review of three online residual writing sites, Bubblews, Daily Two Cents, and Wikinut
This is a movie summary for Men of Honor, the story U.S. Navy Diver Carl Harshest.
This is a piece about how social media has impacted society
This is a piece about teacher's being able to discipline students.
This article is a continuation of a previous article I wrote about saving money
This article is about how American culture was influenced by slavery.
This article is about ways to increase your happiness
This is about the little things you can do to get a good workout.
This article is about the a female fighter pilot that help with an attack on ISIS
This article will help women to determine if their boyfriend is abusive
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