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Nikita Billett
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I am a young female who enjoys all aspects of life. I am deeply interested in areas of science and health and history mostly.
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turtles have many very interesting and unusual attributes, but their food habits are rather ordinary. the fact is, most turtles eat just about anything.
it may seem hard to believe, but sponges are animals. they are among the strangest members of the animal kingdom, and the look much more like plants than animals.
John Calvin was a leader of the Reformation, the religious movement that swept Europe in the sixteenth century and divided the Christian world into Catholic and Protestant churches.
Napoleon had a tremendous effect on Europe in the early nineteenth century. At almost the same time, a man called Simon Bolivar was influencing nineteenth-century South America.
Few men in history have had as great an influence on the world and the times in which they lived as Napoleon Bonaparte.
Aristotle was one of the most important men of ancient Greece and one of the greatest philosophers who ever lived.
Sewing is the process of fastening one piece of material to another by stitching with a needle and thread. Now, this seems like such a simple idea that you might imagine it was one of the first ever developed by man. And in fact it was.
Even though the modern Olympic games are patterned after those held in ancient Greece, there are many important differences.
Knights were the highest class of fighting men in Europe during the middle ages. The knights, who fought on horseback, were the aristocrats of the battlefield.
The desire of man to protect himself from unknown forces, or to create good fortune for himself, has led to thousands upon thousands of superstitions the world over. In fact, we can roughly divide superstitions into those that are supposed to bring good luck and those that are suppose...
At certain times, in certain parts of the world, civilization seems to reach unusual heights and men to accomplish great things. One such period was the golden age of Greece, which lasted roughly from 500 to 429 BC.
In ancient times, when people looked up at the sky at night, they noticed that many of the brightest stars were arranged in a certain pattern, or group. These groups are what we call constellations. The name comes from a latin word meaning group of stars.
When you think of the atlantic ocean, you think of the top surface of the water. But what is under the water, at the bottom of the ocean floor? Let’s imagine that we are making a voyage out of new york, due east across the atlantic ocean.
There are masses of water that are always drifting about in the sea. The circulation is very complicated because many things help to push water about. One of these is the tendency of dense water to sink and lighter water to rise.
The word plankton comes from the greek word for wandering or drifting. And plankton is a drifting mass of life made up of billions of tiny living creatures.
If you’ve ever walked along a beach, you’ve probably seen a seashell lying on the sand where it has been washed in by the waves. The shell will never always be empty, for it is the home of some sea animal that has died.
Let’s start by finding out what coral is. A chunk of coral is made of the skeletons of tiny marine animals called coral polyps.
Pewter is an alloy, which means it is a mixture of metals. The basis of pewter is tin. It is generally mixed with lead in the proportions of six or four parts tin to one part lead.
One of the most important searches being carried on by scientists is for new sources of energy. It’s not just that they want to find cheaper and more efficient sources of energy to do the work of the world, it’s also because some of the natural sources we now have will eventually ...
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