Guruh Subagya

Guruh Subagya
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My name is Guruh Subagya im live in Jakarta, Indonesia, you can call subagya or mochal that's my nick name, my hobbies are about web development, web design and traveling
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Indonesia has so many beautiful tourist destinations, one of which often visited by foreign and local tourists are Tanjung Tinggi Bangka-Belitung. Tanjung Tinggi is a beach that is flanked by two peninsulas. These beaches have unique white sands, that are because hundreds of huge gra...
BlackBerry Bold or the BlackBerry 9700 Bold BlackBerry 2 series is the latest and is the top-of the-line smartphone from Canada, RIM. This smartphone architecture designed with a luxurious, exclusive, elegant and equipped with upscale features, with a smaller design, and lighter. This...
Lampung has many tourist destinations where one of the potential for capturing many tourists is the beach tourism. Call it like white sand beaches and coastal KALIANDA the favorite locations of domestic tourists and it’s always a busy place and surrounding residents on weekends or d...
Are you tired of going day trips to ordinary places? If your answer is yes, it’s sounds good if once in a while trying to travel to enjoy the adventure in the wild. One such place is the Serengeti National Park. National park is located on the continent of Africa is still a wilderne...
Many people do not know that there is money on the internet, get an online income is possible, because there are so many ways we can make money in the internet world. However, for those who just jumped into the online business this is not a very easy task. Because if there is no one w...
She earning in 2009 and recorded 20 million pounds (US $ 293 billion)
If you are new became internet marketer then you must know about SEO (Search Engine Marketer) for buzz up your traffic also your earning
What if you get bored all day because no body tell a jokes to you but now i will tel it for you
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