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This article gives a brief view of Remortgaging in relations to the United Kingdom. It serves as a complete guide to a layman who has no prior knowledge on the matter. For instanceit gives a summary of all the relevant steps to take in order to have an effective remortgaging experienc...
This is a tribute to the 4nos. Undergraduates of the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, who met their untimely deaths in the hands of a group of individuals. It is a true life story.
This humourous article is dedicated to all GCFRs of Nigeria on the occasion of Nigeria's 52 Independence Celebration. It is a collection of jokes from some Nigerian commedians with a view of freeing people from stress and to put smiles on the faces of readers generally.
This areticle reviews the Principle and realities of Presidential Speeches in Nigeria with particular reference to the occasion of her 52nd Independence celebrtion.
The primary objective of this study was to examine the impact of leadership styles on workers’ performance in the Nigerian Civil Service, using the Nigeria’s (Ministries Departments and Agencies) MDAs as a case study.
This article reveals the dynatics of insecurity that has bedeveled Nigeria recently. These challenge has seriously threatened National security of the country and has crippled her Economy, thereby brewing underdevelopment. These impacts leed to an increase in the cost of crude oil in ...
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