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Originally a villager from Indian side of Bengal...... Bengal side of Bihar and Bihar side of Nepal. this is my Geography :-)
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If men can not take things for granted, then women also can not take things for granted in mid-night alcoholic and boozing male-female cocktail parties? Why women cry foul always, only after being "behaved the way they did not wish"?
Along the history, India has seen lot of conflicts and contradictions within itself putting its polity, society, economy, international relations and even the very idea of India to tough tests. Fortunately, it has always come victorious against all odds except few unlucky occasions.
Discussion across the table is the main norm in a democracy and Violence or any SILLY campaign would not do any good for preserving Morality.
Apart from the human's basic instincts of hunger and sex, others can be grouped into : Higher and Lower instincts, based on their ultimate effects on the World and the will of the Intelligent Designer – The Creator.
Children should be discouraged from exposure to the extremes of sex, crime and war in the forms of games and films. They should be encouraged for the conventional sports and literature to inculcate controlled behavior and thoughtful attitude.
Basic Faculties of Science, Arts and Religion together keep a human society in order. And the order is maintained by using the techniques of Medicine, Management or Meditation. Absence of any one dimension would make him/her Wild and Inhuman.
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