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I am a Professor of Literature and History, and I write articles about various topics such as art, literature and history.
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Medieval European imagination invented existence of figures like Mélusine and Morgan the fairy.
Introductory note During the interwar period, authoritarian regimes had been established in several of the most important countries in Europe while right wing and philo-fascist groups spread a little everywhere, and not only among European nations.
In late 1999 an interesting article about UFOs sightings appeared in the “ Daily Mail” signed by Nick Pope, who, with a very engaging idea, entitled his article in such a way: “Britain’s X Files ( and yes the true is in these pages)”.
A Brief sketch of Dante’s life and a Brief description of Hell. Dante and Virgil encountered with historical and mythological figures, interpreted as a symbol of a particular capital crime.
Document Signed Maxwell AF3 A / s 35112 August 8, 1958 In this document which bears the title of "UFO PROGRAM", the author gives a brief history about UFOs, and states that this history can help people better understand the problem of the UFOs sightings.
John Braine (1922-1986) belonged to the so-called “Angry Young Men,” and was author of a famous book entitled “Life at the top”, whose protagonist is Joe Lampton, a social climber.
In this short article, I present quickly some authors of the early years of American literature.
In this short article I present a poem by Rupert Brooke (1887-1915) about the First World War. Brooke was a young man unaware of the "awfulness" of the war, showing a very "Romantic" view of reality. But the reality is worse than ever. Rupert Brooke died in war in 1915.
In this article, I conclude the plot of the long poem "Lancelot and Elaine."
This article presents some aspects of the life and work of Alfred Tennyson (1809-1892); also it develops a long summary (divided into several parts) of the poem "Lancelot and Elaine."
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