Cynthia Farmer

Cynthia Farmer
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I am a country girl at heart, My fiance and I live with our beloved boston terrier (sugar). I love life and want to share my knowlege and zest. I will be writing about health, nutrition, counrty lifestyle, frugal and simple living, home repair, and remodeling.
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Recent pages by Cynthia Farmer

This page will highlight the money saving tips on a meatless menu
This article deals with using natural products you already have around the house in new and inventive ways. Like pest control, lowering water usage,etc.
This page was written on one of my bad days. I have suffered with depression for the past 27 years. Perhaps this will show others that they are not alone in their feelings, and that someone does care.
This is my favorite pie recipe of all time. It's quick easy and no baking involved.
This article focuses on ways to get a little money out of objects that are normally junk.
Most folks really appreciate a gift that someone took the time to think about and put together. Much more than one just purchased. So heres a few ideas. 1. specialized picture frame. Take a wood frame(accquired at garage sale etc) peel some bark from a pine tree. Hot g...
This article will show you how to obtain supplies for various projects, at no cost to you!
This article focuses on things you are already paying for, or have paid for that you may not be aware of. I will help you recognize them so you can get and keep what is yours.
This page is focused on low cost alternatives for high end coffee shop fare.
Here is two poems. The first is of love of nature. The second is of unreturned love between a man and a woman.
This page focuses on some old time ideas that are very creative. These folks didn't have money but they had imagination!
This page will give you ideas on how to look your best without breaking the bank.
This article is about how to cut your laundry costs. Also how to keep your clothes looking better and extend there life, all on a budget.
This article focuses on care of a Brown Recluse spider bit. What you can do at home to treat the bite. What to look for and possible medical treatments.
This page is all about inexpensive way to treat yourself like a spa, all within the comforts of home.
This article focuses on how to use and reuse baskets to decorate and create storage.
This aritcle is about alternate uses for ruined clothes, which will allow you to save money. Cut down on waste, spend less, and help the environment.
Article about reusing everyday items. Repurposeing them to save money and help the environment. This article is about reuse of hosiery. It will show you ways to save.
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