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Heavy metal and football. The rest are just details.
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In this article I dissect the lyrics to the greatly written song, Welcome Home (Sanitarium) by Metallica, portraying the thoughts of a patient in a psychiatric hospital.
Metallica is loved and hated. They have made good music, so people ask 'what's with the hate?' Here I'll explain why.
How I lost 20kg in a short amount of time following the Paleo diet. Here's what I think of it.
Black Sabbath released Paranoid shortly after their very first self titled album debut. I will be reviewing the album in it's entirety, going through each separate track to find out exactly why this is marked as one of Black Sabbath's greatest works.
Match preview of tonight's Premier League clash as Wolves travel to the Emirates stadium, including live streams, team line up's and more.
The small US town of Buford was sold at an auction for a price of $900,000 (£568,504)
The government in England have laid out plans to ban stores from displaying any tobacco products on their shelves in an effort to decrease the number of young people who start smoking.
Most of what we think we may know may actually be myth, as my article explores differentiating the myth from the fact about the Titanic.
Theo Walcott praises his team mates effort in turning the Emirates Stadium into Arsenal's 'fortress' ahead of the Manchester City clash.
This is a review of the glitzy site of Liberty City. Packed full of clubs, guns and organized crime, the underworld of the Ballad of Gay Tony makes you work hard, and party harder.
16 is a one of the key milestones in a person's life. It often marks the beginning of a young adult, and with this, comes the need and want for a place of work. 'How to get a job at 16' will share with you many ideas and suggestions of getting you into the line of work. I will tend to...
Electronic Cigarettes have been around for only a few years now, however they have received a recent surge in popularity and use. In this article I'll look at everything to do with electronic cigarettes, including how the e-cigs look, taste and feel.
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