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I'm a freelance writer and a blogger who has the life philosophy of live and let live.
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Monsoon diseases are very common and certain steps should be taken to prevent them. Here,I had listed some common monsoon diseases and also the steps to prevent them.
In the beginning you might notice some hairs coming off while combing or in the towels while bathing which is the starting point of hair loss and if you ignore these situations then it might cause some drastic results. Here, I had provided some tips to reduce hair loss.
Everybody wants to be healthy and eating a healthy diet is the best way to prevent diseases and to feel energetic throughout your life.Foods determine the health factor of an individual so it is vital to eat healthy foods.
Online shopping has some certain disadvantages due to its way of selling products.So before purchasing online beware of the following mentioned areas.
Online shopping is the trend followed by people all around the world irrespective of their ages which allow the consumers to buy any product or service through the internet without going directly to the store. Here, I had discussed about the advantages of online shopping.
Parenting is the process of raising the child from infancy to adulthood and in this process all parents need a little advice now and then. Parenting relationship becomes more complex when the child enters the teenage stage.
Workplace tension also known as job stress is a problem which was caused due to problems in the workplace which affects the individual in terms of his performance in his job and also his private life. So it is essential to recover from workplace burnout.
Fruits are an excellent source of energy and vitamins and many dieticians are recommending to eat fruits on a daily basis to lose weight as they are low in calories and high in fibre content.
Cricket is one of the oldest games and has been played officially since the 18th century. Cricket is a game which was introduced by the english and the first official international cricket game was played in the 18th century.
The energy which is derived from the foods we consume determines the health factor of our body and also the activity level throughout our life. Energy gives the power to perform so, it is essential to choose foods which give us more energy.
Workplace burnout has severe consequences on individuals both physically and mentally. Find joy in everything you choose to do, and this applies even for choosing a job. In this article I had listed down the top 5 hated jobs in the world.
Maintaining good relationship for a long time is the ultimate goal of every couples. But only a few can achieve it. So , in this article based on my experience I had suggested some tips to maintain a healthy relationship with your spouse.
Doing an effective workout for 20 minutes is better than doing an ineffective workout for an hour. Here,I had listed some effective fat burning workouts for both men and women and they can do these workout at the comfort of their home.
Are you struggling to lose weight because of not having enough time to hit the gym. Relax , do you know that doing household chores burn significant amount of calories and it helps to maintain your weight. Here, I had listed some household chores which helps in burning a lot of calori...
Depression is a silent killer which can ruin your life. There are several ways to control depression. In this article I had suggested some useful weird ways to control depression .
Depression is a kind of situation when you feel sad and loss of interest. Everyone suffers from depression because of some ups and downs or due to some setbacks in their life. But they must be beware that depression should not take control of their life.
Everybody likes to kick start the day with a cup of coffee. Coffee is a beverage prepared from the roasted seeds of coffea plant and is commonly known as coffee bean
Interview is an interactive session between an employer and an employee to determine whether the employee has all the necessary requirements of the organization. Here I had explained those things to do before, during and after a interview process.
Blood pressure is a dangerous disease which should be prevented at the earliest and any failure in that might lead to some adverse consequences. It facilitates the way to other harmful consequences.
Lemon water is the cheapest nutritious drink which one can drink in the morning. Having a glass of lemon water in the morning can give health a big boost and also it keeps you to remain active throughout the day.
Belly fat - Is it tough to overcome? Well, the answer is no if you are able to identify the right thing and do the best exercises which burn belly fat. In this article I had given some tips to burn belly fat and to lead a healthy life.
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