Mohammod Mostofa Kem

Mohammod Mostofa Kem
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A highly experienced teacher of English for long 20 years from 1990 to 2010 at English Medium International Schools of Dhaka, Bangladesh.
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Sometimes, life seemed to be a great burden in which there was no charm or attraction, because, no one of own blood and flesh to look after. So, a relationship may needs for leading life where the time remains as an old temple.
The street children are vulnerable to manifold social evils. It is not their own fault that they are born and brought up in this unspeakable miseries and sufferings. Poverty is not unnatural or uncommon in the world. But it is the socio-economic customs and systems that have hand-cuff...
Traditional fields of employment have already proved that, they are not now capable enough to provide this ever growing aspiring young people with employments. So, we must have to find out other alternative sources of employment for this huge number of unemployed population. What coul...
However, now a days the happy and strong bond of marriage has loosened considerably, particularly in the Western World. And this tendency is ever growing in the Eastern World also. In fact, the economic, political, diplomatic, military and the last but not the least cultural influence...
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