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My name is Madiha. I am married I have two kids .I have done my masters in chemistry.
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Some times you feel alone; you want somebody to share your opinion. This poem explain's the feeling of alone women.
Languages are a best way of communicating, in this world, every country has its own language; if you know the languages other than your mother tongue its always helpful.
Backbiting is a kind of politics, in every religion we'll find a lot of sayings about backbiting. Backbiting is prohibited in every religion.
Microorganism or microbes are the microscopic organisms, which may be a single cell or multicellular. The study of microorganism is called Microbiology.
Now-a-days everyone want's a perfect life with every facility.
Pineapple is a very delicious fruit, it looks tasty at any form, whether its a pineapple cake, ice cream and drink, here I will share you a Pineapple drink. Pineapple drink is very refreshing and tasty. The yellow color of the drink attracts the peoples for a drink this juice.
In Pakistan there is a fashion to decorate the truck and buses.
Teacher make developed person as a better man . Teacher give a moral support to their student.
Bangles and Mehndi are so famous in ''Asian Countries''.
Potato and Chicken balls are a easy and quick recipe and you can enjoy this recipe with tea in evening time.
Hobby itself is a intresting word if you do something as a hobby you always feel good.
Marriages are decided by God .This is the beautiful relation between two peoples.
''Wedding'' is a beautiful relation between two peoples.
A yummy Mango Dessert Of summer season . Mango is the king of all friuts and a delicious friut too. It is so colorful and attractive dessert
Here i share you a very delicious recipe of ''Yakhni Biryani'', Everyone love to eat the biryani . It is most famous dish in ''Asia''.
There are lots of communication way. Dail free call and feel yourself in home.
If you have alot of degrees it does't mean that you are educated.
Eyes is the most importent part of our body. Eyes give a beautiful image of our body. Eyes are the reflection of our personality.
Islam is a wonderful religion to teach us respect to every religion.
Everyone has its own meaning of new day.Some feel that things are going around us is according to our thinking and some feel is going against our thinking.
Jinnah is our national hero . He is the founder of pakistan
Share yourself to your beloved one is the actual mean of relation.
I discover a new places in antwerpen which was very amezing and historical.
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