Sarah Cotchaleovitch

Sarah Cotchaleovitch
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Sarah Cotchaleovitch is a freelance writer and editor. She posts a weekly blog at She was a founding member of and is on the editorial staff of Fiction Fix (
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Last year, I heard a lot about NaNoWriMo and thought that people were nuts for participating. This year, however, I am changing my tune.
With so many weight loss supplements on the market, it's hard to discern what's legitimate and what's not. But reading Garcinia Cambogia reviews could lead to the perfect weight loss solution for you.
It is frustrating to wade through all the acne treatments available, but there is one product available that offers a more natural solution and is risk-free for a whole year.
Being able to work at home as a freelance writing is a wonderful gift – until it interferes with family. But I made one decision that makes it work for me.
Slowing down is hard to do when for freelance writers, who have the option of taking on as many jobs as they want. Sometimes a rejection comes at just the right time to bring perspective back to the writing-at-home life.
The challenge of finding the secret behind a secret family recipe led me to creating my own favorite fall food – and it's gluten- and sugar-free!
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