Amruta Jadhav

Amruta Jadhav
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I am passionate about writing and thrilled to let the world know my ideas. My writing will mostly focus on travel, lifestyle and relationship.
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Have you ever felt that your weight is now your social identity? The society lays more emphasis on your appearance than your achievements. This is just an attempt to bare all the ridiculous notion society has concerning the not so 'perfect size people'.
Do you think that Politics and Power Struggles are only the concerns of the politician? Learn how the power drive permeates in to the life of each and every one of us!
MLM (Multi Level Marketing) has been spreading its web for quite some time now. This has become a growing nuisance to the friends and acquaintances of all the people involved in this business. Beware or you may be their next victim!
Glimpse in the world of top 10 most dangerous predators on this planet
Hiring process of the Relationship managers in the financial industry has undergone a major transformation but has it lost its ethics in the process?
Ganesh Chaturthi - it's origin, meaning and its transformation
Are you thinking of buying yourself a cute puppy? Well, here's a list of things you should ask yourself before bringing your pet home.
Explore the unique merger of ancient and contemporary culture set against the scenic backdrop of Spain's natural beauty.
We all get stumped when we need to apologize. Read this article to find out how to make a perfect and convincing apology.
If you are tossing and turning all night long plagued by insomnia read this guide to cure it.
Your search for a guide to overcome the recession ends here! Find all the tips to help you emerge a survivor of this global economic meltdown.
Say bye-bye to low self-esteem and discover the new improved 'You'!!!
All you need to know to buy the best gift for your kid...
It was devastating for me when I learned about the loss of my cousin brother. He was just at the prime of his youth, ready to take on the world. This poem is a tribute to him.
Discover the beautiful city of Prague in the Christmas season...
Check out amazing places, must see destinations,personal travel experience...
It's a place where you would find stories of love, romance come to life. All the answers to the questions about relationships you ever pondered upon.
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