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A female who lives in Ohio, United States. She loves to read, write and listen to music. She likes to write about variety of topics including music, family, advice and reviews
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Recent pages by ValerieAnne

A short article about FriXion's latest single 'Under The Influence'.
Why i like the tv show. Also includes who stars in the show and when it is on television.
A personal review of Frixion's debut single featuring FDM, released in July 2010.
A short list of the documents you need when moving to another area
This is broke up into 2 sections, the court show questions and the top 5 tv judges.
An online money making site that you can earn with everything you do.
I'm helping take care of an elderly relative.Things I do for her to help.
One of my favorite sites, Ayuwage. Fast easy to reach $5.00 payout.
Want to know a little more about the man behind the website. "The most hated"
Questions on how to move to an international location.
A wonderful fundraiser I saw today! I would've never thought of something like u this.
how to order fast food fresh from mcdonalds, other fast food joint
Just a bit about JLS from X-Factor a few years back.
A Cincinnati Man admitted to online soliciting.. a few details on the story, and his sentencing date.
Just a short bit to tell ya why I like Chili so much. Ideas for you when making chili.
My thoughts on the social networking debates.. Short, and sweet.
This is a joke my dad told me today. I thought it was kinda funny. I don't even know if I'm telling it right.. :/
Pizza I had today from LoRosa's Pizza in Cincinnati.
One of my favorite songs by Westlife. Here are the lyrics to 'Close Your Eyes' off of the band's album 'Coast to Coast.'
This is an except from a short story I wrote in High School in 2002. I was a Junior (11th grade).
Info on boyband FriXion. They are about to release their debut single in July.
A few key features of Stourbridge, England. Learn some things about this historic town.
I'm 25 and recently had to move home, with my parents.
Simple things to keep in mind when writing your resume.
Short information about who may perform at Simon's wedding.
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