Rebecca Tero

Rebecca Tero
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Certified Master Gardener in LA, student in herbs & nutrition, music teacher, ASL (American Sign Language) enthusiast, Christian Newsletter contributor, and self sufficiency promoter.
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Little lessons that can be learned from observing.
When we stop and think about the whole reason and foundation for our faith, it just doesn't make since that we only celebrate it once a year. In dwelling on this concept, the Lord inspired me to write this poem.
The beauty of Easter, and the resurrection promise.
A merchant has a quest, he lives his life searching... will he find what he is looking for?
So-called treatments for PCOS only solve the symptoms, not the root of the problem. What is more interesting is that the real treatment for PCOS is much more simple!
As we begin anticipating and planning out perfect garden, one of the things we don't always plan straightaway for are bugs. Take steps and plan to avoid the problems these pests can cause!
A little different view than normal about the mountains and valleys of this life.
It’s that time of the month again. Severe cramping and pain, can’t go to work, can’t do anything but lie and wait for pain to pass. I’m sure you’re just as tired of it as I was. I found there were several simple steps I could take to help, and naturally!
What is a spring tonic anyway? I thought that was something used in the olden days when mothers and grandmothers haled spring with baskets and shawls as they gathered plants and roots used to make spring tonics. Spring tonics aren't that important today? Or are they?
With all the food allergies, many people are clueless when they find they can't eat a certain number of foods, especially dairy, gluten and soy. Here are some practical tips that aren't ridiculous or impossible!
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