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Originally, writing a book was not the intent. Then it became necessary to see if it was accomplishable. Eventually, it became a tool to show the spawn (affectingly referring to the kids, included in
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This is the first chapter of the Squeaky Tails series "Crusaders of Golanthia" It introduces that theme on which the story is written. Carrying through with the idea that we are all part and play our roles in the same world.
Perch before the waiting abyss, moving steadily forward, we crusaders bravely face the onslaught of unknown challenges. Yes, the way ahead is darkly mysterious, but the crusaders fight on. Do you dream to dream or dream to forget? If death were a window, what would we see? Ever won...
The Crusaders, facing the realities of Golanthia, are to find that some things are best left unknown!
What is life, but a dream, a dream we all must face
Just a little scribble I did when i cant remember when :)
These are two short poems telling about life and our remembered youth
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