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Reader of books and lover of words.
I often think I have an ample blend of wit, head, and heart.
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The news of the anti-homosexual ignorance of those in power in Nigeria reached me recently, and I couldn't help but mourn for the death of education, reason and intelligence.
What we don't know truly does not hurt us. Well, it hardly does. Sometimes, women get suspicious of their men and go snooping, only to find things that make them grieve. What you don't know won't hurt you.
I wonder if anyone can answer some of my questions. I'd really love to know.
Happiness can be found in music. If you didn't know, now you know.
Do you have one of those nights when you have a lovely lie-in, staring at the ceiling, and doing quite a lot of thinking?
Wuthering Heights and the things people miss about this novel. As a Literature student, I find that it annoys me when people don't acknowledge the greater parts of a novel as such.
Based on a personal story I heard; I wonder about the strength of women in love relationships and the moment they hear the words "it's over".. This was written in a hurry, pardon the, dare I say, rubbish ending.
This is an article on Greed that I wrote when I was sixteen. Some of my ideas may have changed now that I'm older, but I hope it's clear enough.
"Why are we together if we have no sense of what is right for the other? All we do is party, shop, and play? Why are we together if we can't think of ways to make each other better, bring out the best in ourselves? I prithee, why?"
How do you ever know when it's love? We get these feelings and wonder. We huff, puff, twist, turn...everything. But we don't know. Maybe we do, but as humans, we seek to see to believe. Could that be why we don't know what we have till it's gone?
Domestic violence - it may seem as though I am obsessed with this, but I'm not. It just hurts me to know that people suffer but still find it in their bodies to, dare I say, forgive the person inflicting pain. It's a battle of emotions. Love you, hate you.
Having been told to write about a book I loved, I got upset and decided on Ian McEwan's "Enduring Love". One of my favourites.
The warm welcome I have received since creating a wikinut page gives me so much happiness, I have to show this by writing.
Sometimes, we meet people and think we're in love. Sometimes, they do some things that raise questions. Yet we find excuses for them - maybe they didn't mean it. Maybe they had a bad day/memory. Why can't emotions just go to the Deuce sometimes, I hear you say.
Inspired by a friend of mine. Sometimes, love is not the clich├ęd affair we see everyday. It goes deeper than that. And some people have felt that love, be it fictional or non-fictional. Love, love is real.
The beauty of music knows no bounds. Listening to music has different effects on different people, but I am sure it represents something special in our lives.
What is morally right or wrong? How do we know something is really wrong or something is wrong because of our sentiments? These thoughts bug me daily.
Domestic violence has proven to leave a lasting effect on people. I don't stand for pain, I don't stand for violence.
Sometimes, we give up internally. We feel as though the end is nigh and you want to give yourself up because you have lost all hope. But hope is never lost as long as the Sun shines.
Two people who express their love for each other through making love. Love, for them, is about getting lost in a world where you're not yourself and you don't mind. An imperfect world where when you're together, all is well.
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