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Marcus Writes
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I write to express and not to impress. Writing is my ultimate passion;the blood which runs through my veins. Visit me at

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Freedom is a valuable commodity in today’s contemporary era. Its meaning has evolved more than the physical absence of oppressor but has taken various forms and substance.
I know I can live alone but I chose not to. Life is about bonds, relationship and sharing the love and happiness; I cannot do that living alone.
Two suspects on the rampage firing bullets at a party in San Bernardino, California last Wednesday around 11a.m.
4th Impact leaves the competition after getting the lowest number of votes on last Sunday’s (UK) elimination round of X Factor UK 2015.
American Music Awards (AMA) 2015 left this year with moments that surely stamped permanent prints on AMA history. One of those stellar moments is the grand makeout of Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth.
The Philippine pride “4th Impact” made it to top 5 in this year’s “X Factor UK” as announced last Sunday (UK time).
It is human weakness to judge others immediately without prior knowledge of the greater picture. Like a bolt of lightning they strike with their baseless opinions and in effect causing chaos among others.
He had a choice; but he chose to break her heart. She had a choice; but she chose to let him.
As much as self-control and discipline is important in controlling one’s expenses; it is an undeniable fact that environment is also a huge factor in keeping those outlays within the budgets.
It was a roller-coaster ride with Bubblews full of great memories and heartaches. Now that it is dead, I am saying my final farewell
Tomorrow my life will change for the better! No. I am not a prophet or a fortune teller. I am claiming success before it happens.
One of the most amazing blessings I will be forever thankful is my family. From birth until now where I am entering the serious life of adulthood, they have always been with me. My family has sacrificed and supported me in my quest to success and self-realization.
Terrorists attacked Paris leaving at least 128 people dead. Nations unite once again to show that peace must not be compromised at all times.
Drifting apart from those people we used to have in our lives is one of the most difficult experiences growing up but we must face the fact that nothing last forever
Friday the 13th is one of the most celebrated superstition in western culture as well as different countries around the globe. It has led to many beliefs which most people carry with fear during this day.
An OFW life abroad is both a challenge and a fulfilling experience. Earning money for oneself, for the family, and for the county is vested with tons of pains, heartaches as well as triumphs and sheer joy.
Once in our lives, we are stuck with a question that will shed us a better perspective with life
American Idol Season 14 named Nick Fradiani as the victor. Clark Beckham placed second.
One Direction and Zayn's Feud grows over tweeter as heated exchange thrown by one party to another...
A passion to advocate financial freedom gave birth to a community of advocates who are fueled with a dream
Every year we are reminded of our responsibility to take care of Mother Nature through Earth Day celebration. Let not the actions remain on this day but throughout our living days
Though technology has placed our society into heights, we must never jeopardize our etiquette with convenience and practicality
Alcoholism has been one of the major impediments to self-actualization. At some point, alcohol ruins countless lives and continue to wreck the lives of many
Get the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 news and reviews released last March 1, 2015 at Barcelona Spain
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