Vlad Morgan

Vlad Morgan
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Vladimir Morgan is the Russian-Canadian writer-innovator, the publicist and the poet. He is a member of the International Union of Writers and Honorary member of The International Society of Poets.
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This is a small encyclopedia of the Sea. My book The Truth and the Legends of Great Ocean has a stories on surprising life of Ocean, about its unique flora and fauna, about sea currents, the ships, navigating devices, about beacons lighthouses, well-known navigators and about much-man...
That is all about Earh and Ocean. "Thus, we see that living life to the bottom of the deep ocean basins filled with salty water of our planet. And it requires closer exams".
Here is my original story http://www.proza.ru/2011/07/06/309 Morgun Vl. My Father Louis` Brainstorm, poem. Theatre of the Mind, Published by Noble House Publisher, London-Paris-New York, (anth.), p. 4-5. 2001 y.
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