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Arif Ameen
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This poem is about the faulty fate that is flattering like a foolish bird. That chatter without any purpose. I tell that my stars are rotating backward and there are no symptoms of healing onward. Fourth dirty worms are just eating my flesh as um dead and worms are there to eat me. At...
i have written these four poems today, the last has symbolic means, i would like if you let me know its symbolic meanings and comment on it as positive or negative.
On pieces of a broken glass See my footprints and marks The blood and the injuries You introduced to my heart
This poem i did try to achieve something new, i would like to have your comments on this and let me know, how much did i achieve in this?
786 – 8 April 2011 – Zahid from Pakistan LONER It is wonderful to be stoner I have been so, being loner It’s made me a breath taker A theorist form a pot-maker More mouths, mixed sounds More rules and more bounds More friends for suggestions Less answers to my questions More...
Yesterday on my 30th birthday, I have written this poem, what do you say about it? Where would you place it on the scale, from 0-9?
This poem is about one of my wishes that i wish for the human being when i know such things are only for Gods!
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