C. Montezuma

C. Montezuma
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I am a 52 yo mother of 4 sons and a whole lot of -steps! I have loved writing since I was a very small child! Writing poetically, I can take the good with the bad and make it all beautiful!
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Depression can be traced clear back to Hippocrates!There are many in this world who feel they have no life, some to the extent of giving up and ending life. Traumatic experiences, isolation, and overall feelings of worthlessness creates pain and misery. But you can come out a winner!
I was a member of the TRIO programs, and I must say, those were some of the best years of my life! I achieved more than I ever thought I could, being 33 years old and going to college, first having to get a GED (dropped after 9th grade) I was not too positive. There was no hesitation ...
Misguided lonely child who feels unloved and unwanted - puts gun to chin - and pulls the trigger.
A little boy and his dog - get blamed for all the messes - but in the end it is not all puppy's doing!
Living poetry. The use of nature's fight for survival, demonstrated in the birth of a sapling pine to the moment it falls to the ground. There is no heartache to soften its lonely death, though the saplings that have risen from the mother tree find solace in the nutrients of its decay...
Word manipulations can inspire a great imagination, one such as can be found only in our dreams - or in books written by one blessed to have an overwhelming degree of creativity! But many of us are not born with such inspiration, however, neither were we born with the ability to dress...
This piece accomplishes two things. First, you learn how much writing means to me Secondly, I give you a taste of a run of the mill paragraph (that I created just for this example), and follow up with a paragraph that basically says the same thing. However, I hope that you will see t...
A Childhood Tragedy that has haunted me for 41 years, and will continue to do so until the day I die. God, bless little children, and pray they have parents who watch over them and keep them safe!
This is a Letter from Home to a very special soldier. A soldier who left me as a boy, and returned a dignified and responsible man.
This is, in poetry form, a beautiful poem that describes the pain in my life. It a poem of not only survival, but of hope. No matter what we go through in life, it is our choice whether we are swallowed up by a monstrous beast that keeps us chained to our past. It is up to each indivi...
This is a personal definition of what Poetry means to me. I have chosen words that explicitly convey the enormous range of emotions that flow through the human soul, such that even sadness flows through the heart with bittersweet, yet beautiful music that comforts heart, mind, and sou...
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