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I write to remember that not very long ago, I believed that the teru-teru bozu would keep the rain away.
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It is in the darkness of closed eyes that we make the most awesome dreams.
Just a slice of the loneliness I felt on the first few hours of January 1. It's not even about how the people party-ed at the end of my birthday (which is on the 31st of December). I just had a bad start.
It's just me, miserably alone under a shower of fireworks. Funny how you try to work schedules out to be with people, but then end up trying to enjoy by yourself.
Just ranting about a bad choice, time wasted, and chances lost. we hate looking back at what could have been, but it's never too late to stop and decide for yourself what could still be.
Let us not be too good at charades, and trick ourselves of reality. It takes a lot of courage to face oneself beyond that convincing facade, but, by all means, let's muster that.
Things appear unusually bad when things don't go as planned, and you just hate yourself for that. Not a very cheerful train of thought, but a good reminder anyhow. (Didn't mean to get goo goo dolls mixed up with my misery. I just couldn't relate to the song then.)
Such are the feelings of the human heart; genuine for the moment, but fickle in a lifetime.
The day a typhoon encroached me upon my silent existence in a waiting shed.
Looking at a fire tree outside my window on a rainy friday the 13th.
A day in my shoes - starting with a worm that was never mine, and ending in a cup of sweet bitterness.
Have you ever thought of the significance of your feet? Perhaps our hands are overrated, and we are missing this one critical part that literally and figuratively allows us to move forward.
I am but a deviation from what should have been insufferably monotonous.
In a world with indiscernible motives of want, need and mere protocol, how do you distinguish a sincere desire for your presence?
A short poem for those who are waiting, even in vain.
This is an experience I had while living in a girl's dormitory in Japan. It's pretty fun living with all sorts of girls.
Make mistakes if you must; it must be better than stopping at the fear of making choices.
This was when i got scared of expectations. But great expectations ought to make you great.
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