Eric Brewton

Eric Brewton
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I'm a avid Writer and lover of Sports, Politics, Music, Movies, and Television.
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Recent pages by Eric Brewton

This is a review of politics in 2012, and the people who tried to make it a bad year!
Ann Romney and her shortcomings as a surrogate in the 2012 Presidential Campaign
Mitt Romney and how clueless he is when it comes to everyday Americans.
An op-ed piece about the battle in Chicago over teacher's rights
Mitt Romney and how he is handling the tragedy in Egypt.
This column is about Pennsylvania's new Voter ID Law
This column is about The Black Church overstepping it's bounds
This column is about the Obama Administration and their position on same-sex marriage
This column the need for The New York Knicks to stay entact
This is a column about Occupy Wall Street and it's May Day March.
This column is about the stark contrast between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama on Foreign Policy
This column is a response to another column written by a political pundit
This column is about The New York Knicks and their ups and downs this NBA season
This column is about The New York Knicks and their ups and downs during this NBA season.
This is article is about conservative operatives and their silence on Ted Nugent's comments about President Obama at The NRA Convention last week.
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