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Jhames Norman
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read my poems and you tell me
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The Poets Steadfast Search for Love and it's Meaning
Dreams are the bread a mother feeds her child Hope is the blanket a father covers there child with Plans are at the mercy of the architects of fate And today I fear no more...
Have you ever wondered how to secure your pc on a budget here’s the answer. It is possible to secure your pc with available freeware here’s how
Within Us All Lies Heaven and Hell.Within our hearts lies salvation and damnation.And within our souls lies the truth.
1.The super continent Pangea begins to separate into individual continents.The last major echoes of this moment occur in 35 mil BC when the Himalayas are created. 2.Scientist believe they have found proof of human ancestry in Africa around 35 mil BC. 3.The Muur peoples of N.America...
The official emblem of Wales, The Red Dragon, is believed by some to be the Great Red Serpent
When soldiers are put in harm's way and lives are lost on account of a lie or omission shouldn't someone be held criminally responsible for that?
24.A lot of the things I grew up with have now been deemed dangerous and banned how did I and so many others ever survive those years.
We became less reluctant to use time tested remedies and less sure of the old ways that now seemed so dark and mysterious.
So I surrendered to despair,and although I have been a warrior all my life,I laid my sword aside and set by the crossroads and waited for death.
The vacuum is filled by pawn shops,drive thrus,and convenient stores,that overcharge for foodstuffs and mostly push liquor,cigarettes and lottery.
0.Never tell a cop you are going to court to fight a ticket,He/she will be more likely to show up and you stand a better chance if they do not.The benefit of the doubt is always in the officers favor.
In the dead of night when I am weary of the fight
And tell the lord that my heart is yours,I have found the place where my heart belongs
They say it's better to have lost love,They say it's better to have lost love
So I suffered through the strain,I have more love than the ocean can hold
Has there ever been a more perfect time,perfect place and perfect love.
As I stand here on the precipice of my end or beginning
My father said great poets are never known until they are gone
So long have I waited under a cloud of my own regrets
I am the greatest poet who has ever lived,Our childs name is written on the walls of my heart .
The chef said,love is a banquet table sagging under the weight of it's own delicacies.
We to are so close that each breath you take is the one give and our hearts beat as one,two instruments in a symphony of love.
Yours has been merriment and pleasure at others expense
Each time she placed her hand on me the pain became sweeter
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