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Olivia Emisar
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Writer (obviously), currently working and publishing articles online. My passion is creative writing and novels are always on the works.
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Tips and tricks to put away $500 a month in your savings account in one month do not require adapting to living like a monk, simply reducing some extrenous expenses that you can easily live without for one month is sufficient. Based on your life style, you may be able to reduce expen...
Wal-Mart will unveil their family plan in the next few days and it promises to be better than most pre-paid phone plans in terms of coverage and expenses.
Eating out and staying within the framework of a healthy diet or lifestyle can be a challenge when people don’t know what the ingredients are in a seemingly plain chicken dish or benign salad.
Ferrari's, Rolls Royce's, Beamer's, Silver and Gold, Designer clothes, Vacations in Exotic places and being the envy of the world are the staples of good marketing.
Human beings are quite capable of adaptation. It has ensured the survival of the species for thousands of years and surviving in a smaller abode is not only easy but quite freeing depending on the circumstances
The worse thing about being left for another woman is the insecurity that comes with imaginary comparisons between the "other woman" and us: Is she younger? Prettier? Better? Taller? Fun?
As my grandmother used to say: "it is better to be alone than with bad company" so perhaps what has been termed a phobia of commitment is nothing more that being very selective and doing it for all the right reasons.
Kombucha tea is all the rage among celebrities, its misterious origins and health claims make it a super-star among homebrewed beverages.
Being an older single adult requires a much different life style that being an adult that is married. The responsibilities of being single are vastly different than those of married friends who have chosen to have a life of family responsibilities.
The idea of passing protective legistation for working mothers (is there any other kind?) is not a new idea. In order to get this thing off the ground, it would be imperative for all parents to stand together and demand less stress and more help. Just as no man is an island, it does...
In this economy selling a home can be a daunting prospect due to the large inventory of existing home, unqualified buyers and the competition with foreclosed homes in just about every surrounding neighborhood.
Is there such a thing as too much sex? The answer is a resounding yes for some and not enough for others. Sexual enjoyment between two consenting adults is no one else’s business and the frequency or lack of frequency is only of importance to those involved. However, sex can also...
The best way to prevent a fire in the home involves vigilance to keep flammable items properly stored or monitored while in use and having a plan of action that will keep everyone safe in case of a household fire.
Before hiring a moving company to take precious heirlooms and much needed daily necessities on a joy ride across the state or country, customers need to do their due diligence, weed out the scammers and double check their contract to make sure there are no hidden surprises once their ...
Budgeting recurring expenses is not a difficult process, what makes budgeting a total failure is the lack of follow through and the current culture that demands instant gratification in every aspect of our lives. Budgeting requires honesty with the numbers, a clear plan to reduce deb...
There have been several shows made on lottery winners and the disastrous results of people indulging their every fantasy without planning for the future. It is a sad statement that people who have never lived beyond their means start behaving as if the entire world was up for grabs a...
The news have reported one death from K2 and several states are in the process of making the distribution and purchasing of K2 illegal, while others have rushed through their legislative process to ban it immediately
The housing bubble is over and home prices are at the lowest they have been in a decade. Why are consumers so reluctant to purchase that dream home at a fraction of its original cost?
Bed bugs are infesting the nation and travelling in suitcases and clothing. Their bite leaves behind a modicum of saliva that over a period of many bites could cause severe allergies and painful sores. Getting rid of them is difficult but not impossible. Trying natural remedies bef...
Before embarking on the wonderful, and challenging, adventure of parenthood, couples should be honest with themselves and each other before deciding to take on a responsibility that will last for decades.
Steven Slater, a flight attendant for Jet Blue airlines, had a meltdown and deployed the sliding shoot that led him to freedom after making a grandiose exit on his way out of JFK international airport. Being a flight attendant can be a rough career in the United States.
College dorms can be a great way to socialize and feel part of a community filled with peers who share the same interest in music and social activities but it can also be very tight quarters that lack privacy. Financially, living on campus can be a major budget draining situation for...
NDM-1, MRSA and variations of staph infections have become increasingly resistant to all known antibiotics. Prevention of transmission is the best way of keeping infections at bay, while a coctail of antibiotics is the current course of action for extremely resistant infections.
Getting a Costco or Sam's Club membership is easier now than ever. Most people don't need both and would benefit from using the free trial methods to make a decision on which one would work best for them. This is a review of our family's experience with both clubs over a period of y...
10 secrets to social and academic success for college students
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