Deborah Dupuis

Deborah Dupuis
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I have completed my education with ITT Technical Institute acquiring an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice. My passion is writing. I have 15 years experience in legal transcription.
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Recent pages by Deborah Dupuis

Opinionated article revealing the media's negligence in portrayal of investigative events.
Articles presented to demonstrate the diverse negligence of society to persevere in rehabilitative efforts.
Study of circadian rhythm and how it affects sleep patterns.
After ten years of research, Dave Cullens provides an exemplary overview of the chain of events leading to The Trench Coat Mafia tragedy.
DNA controversy derived from cost-effective process.
Define "normal" and "abnormal" behaviors as referenced by both society and judicial recommendations.
An opinion generated fro reference of the abusive conditions in the U. S. "terrorist" affiliated institution.
Freud’s psychoanalytic theory of conscious, preconscious, and subconscious, are to me, the most precise skeletal design for exploratory studies of the human mind; the conscious synonymous with an individual’s awareness, the preconscious as a “mind bank” for the conscious awar...
Medicinal Proprieties of Marijuana Usage Medicinal proprieties for marijuana usage has been a long-standing controversial issue and will remain until legitimate understanding is pronounced by the general public responsible for lobbying efforts for the implementation or digression of ...
I believe Maslow’s Hierarchy to be universal only in the respect of relative cultures priorities regarding the social, spiritual, and ethnical foundations of the individual cultures. By this I am trying to suggest that the pyramid may change the priority of stages dependent on the ...
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