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I love writing. It's my passion. I love to write poems and stories. It's my way of connecting to nature and people around me.
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Recent pages by Shirra

How do you manage stress?How do you keep up with the fast paced society?How do you release your problems, to feel better? Here are tips that I have learned from experience and people to relieve yourself from stress and problems and to make your mind and spirit healthy.
This is a personal travel to one of the beautiful island in the Philippines. Here, I am sharing the fun activities that you can enjoy in Boracay. I also shared some tips before and after you go there. So, enjoy!
This is an article pointing out the reasons on living. Violence is everywhere in this world and suicide has been a rampant case in some countries. I just want to share my ideas on our choices in life: live or die. Of course,we all die but the issue is, "How we die?"
This poem is about a father who had prayed to have another daughter after 19 years of not having one. His emotions are clearly expressed in this poem. This poem is also for all the men who had been waiting for the arrival of their daughters and sons.
In this changing society, liberty becomes a trend. Everybody does what they think and thinks what they want. Liberty is in the hands of every people including the young ones. But, is it the good thing? Or is it too much? Most westerners think that freedom is our privelege so we must e...
Tired of those bellies and fats? Tired of being tired all day? Why not try to be different? Here are some tips that you can try to shed of those extra weight.
They say all of us are the same at first. We all live as human, not unique, not special. But after God gave us a name, we treated each one of us as special. This story is about my precious cats who became a big part of my life for six years now.
I heard of this story from a friend. This is a diary of a man who was a wallflower but later found a friend who changed his life.
"Every end comes a fresh start." I guess every body knows this famous line especially the graduates. Every time I see a graduation ceremony, I always look at the students faces and see different emotions reflected in their eyes. Some are happy, some are gloomy but all of them are pro...
"Memories fade away but true love stays." Memories are souls of human being and they are very important. But ever wonder why we feel something different towards somebody though we don't really know them? We might lose our memories one day, but our feelings will never fade. They are a...
Babies and kids are treasures for me. I feel comfortable with them and they don't annoy me at all. This is a story of an adopted kid (cousin). She found out that she's adopted in an early age. I felt very proud for her.
I look at you everyday and hoping that you'll be mine for an ETERNITY.
How does it feel to just dream of somebody's eyes staring at you? How does it feel to just dream of someday's lips kissing you? How does it feel to just dream of somebody's arms embracing you? Well it feels like heaven and earth, APART.
This is a poem about every free and special gift our nature has offered to us. Because the world is too busy with technology, so thus the people living in it. Yes, we see, hear, smell, and feel the nature around us, but we haven't given importance to them. Always remember the quote "Y...
We do not own someone, for we are not entitled to own them. If you love someone, let them be free like the doves.
This is the complete story of my first written story "My tears". The latter part uncovers the curse that the main character has been carrying. Crying is not a sign of weakness. It's a sign of being alive. But with a cursed life is different, because crying is a cause of Death. "Don'...
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