Charles Kaye Okoye

Charles Kaye Okoye
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I am an easygoing person, considerate, and personable. I am open minded, but not pliable. I will be writing of family, politics, education, life.
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People often experience difficulty in the use of Question tags. This piece is meant to handle the rules of the grammar as it concerns the use of the topic.
How important actually is it to have a sound knowledge of the English grammar? And difference can it make even in our choice of career?
Good command of the English grammar has often been equated with intelligence. But, why can't I just say what I want to say and get on with it? Must I have to be a stickler to get across my message? And what has my grammar got to do with my intelligence?
In my country, the issue of poor performance in the English Language examinations has become a national disgrace. While the situation will continue to generate public debate and outcry, there is need to evaluate our teaching and learning methodology, particularly as it concerns the pl...
To build a successful career, there is need for effective communication. Effective communication is not rocket science. It is possible for us to win the respect and admiration of people we encounter daily and take our careers to an enviable level.
While most people deny the existence of true love, there is no doubt that true love does exist. Those who have been hit can bear witness to this fact. What are the signs of true love, and what factors make it blossom?
Nothing can be as frightening to parents like witnessing their child convulsing, but convulsions as a common child disorder may not be harmful after all.
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