em connell mccarty

em connell mccarty
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I have been writing for as long as I could hold a pen. I have written novels, short stories, essays, creative non-fiction, comics, and numerous freelance articles.
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Grace has lost her direction in life and is willing to look anywhere for inspiration--including her ice cream.
Here are three poems. One for each of my children. Sometimes I don't have a lot to give...but there are always words for how I feel.
An end of the world story from a different perspective. How would the rest of the world feel if human kind were to come to an end of times? The rapture is a welcome event in this humorous story.
This is a short, darkly humored story about one woman's cynical approach to not being alone.
This is a very short and humorous story about a new mother's experience in a male dominated work force.
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