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Sometimes it's hard to explain to the people you love the contrast in emotions felt during depression. Nothing about depression makes sense. It becomes hard to distinguish which is the real you, the sad person who holds it all inside until people leave, or the happy person who laug...
Meeting people online can be tough when they turn out to be some of the nicest people you'll ever know. Distance becomes apparent when you just want to meet them, however technology can somehow communicate the same bond face to face conversations do.
I was just ten years old, it was my grandmothers wake. She died after fighting cancer for years. People spoke words of how she was at peace, she was no longer in pain, or fighting. As comforting as it seemed I couldn't help but be mad. Mad that cancer is how some people remembered ...
Moving on, most the time hurts. But seeing the person you loved move on and be happy without you in their life, well that makes it worse. However, we became close friends soon after and realised it was the right decision. Letting go of someone hurts, but seeing them happy, well tha...
This is a poem I wrote on my Grandads Birthday. He passed away after a extremely tough battle with cancer. He was more than a grandparent, he was a friend. The person who gave me strength even when he became week.
Moving on can be hard. So let go of the the sadness and remember the happiness that once was. Someday that happiness will enter your life don't let it go unnoticed.
This is my diary, contains parts of my life which changed the person I was, into the person I am today.
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