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My favorite TV shows are Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons. I will write alot of poetry for this site. I will also write alot of articles about Mental Health Disorders
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Every Sunday morning, one of my very good friends plays the guitar and leads us in communal worship songs before Sunday school classes. While I was watching him play one morning I had a moment where I became very aware of how music affects our spirits and that's what I tried to captur...
We were having a worship service at my church one Wednesday and it was storming outside. What was interesting is that we were watching a video titled "Rain" and it was about God's faithfulness through troubles and "storms" of our lives. After the video finished the storm was nearly o...
This is a poem I wrote about setting goals in life and accomplishing them.
I wrote this because my father shelters me from the world. I don't know why. Perhaps he is scared for me. Though that I doubt as I have proven strength.
This is a poem I wrote about the road I choose to walk on during the course of my life.
This piece doesn't only describe me, but the struggle within all human beings. Also, I tried to change this up a bit. Usually light is pictured as the good guy, but I like to make things fair.
My boyfriend inspired me to write this piece because our love that keeps growing stronger and stronger each day. Another thing that inspired me is that fact that I see a lot of couples that only date for a week or less for the most lame reasons.
I think this speaks to a lot of people who feel empty at some point and have that lump in your throat. But with a sigh, it doesn't go away.
This is a poem I wrote about letting an idea grow to become something more.
This is a poem I wrote about everything that music makes me feel and how relaxed and calm I feel when I listen to music.
Here is a poem I wrote about what life and faith are to me.
This is a poem I wrote about what faith is and why we need it.
An uplifting poem I wrote about when Life gets you down, don't frown.
Never doubt yourself. That is what I hope people learn from this. I wrote this because I know the pressures of high school and college and how people are always putting you down. I hope this shows people to not listen to those comments. To always know they're beautiful..
This poem is about how people just like people for the way they look and its not always fair.
I was inspired to write this poem by my grandfather who was so gentle and kind towards everyone he met.
This is a poem written about who I am and I am who i am... and yeah that is just me.
This is about change, and how it can be really terrifying. A lot of people have changed in my life, and while I didn't pay attention, they slipped right through my fingers. Also, everyone has changed from when we were little kiddies. Innocence gets lost so easily.
This is something I wrote from experience. Thanks for reading!!
I wrote this poem basically about my life. I dont want to say my life sucks or anything like that, because then i would sound like some cray emo. Im not, i just have deppression issues, lol. However I know that i am not the only person in the world that feels this way.
I was inspired by something a good friend of mine said that seemed so true. When she said it, it was like she spoke for all humanity.
This poem was inspired by one of my best friends. Its the best poem i've ever written.
This is a poem I wrote about change and how it is affecting me.
this poem is about misconceptions, and how us being the paranoid freaks that we are, assume people are out to get us when really all they want is to get out of the rain.
A Faith poem about how even in our darkest moments, knowing nothing can be salvaged, it is never our nature to give in.
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