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When you fall out of love with your significant other because you develop feelings for someone else. A/N: This purely fiction--no real life stories here!
What if the dog REALLY did eat the homework?! The same lame excuse that is used everytime.........
Nicole Walker was enjoying her new life in Paris with her daughter, Holly, despite the fact that Brady blackmailed her into leaving Eric by telling Salem PD she killed Deimos. But a surprise pregnancy gives Nicole pause for thought on whether she should head back to Salem to tell Eri...
If you're into the paranormal and enjoy traveling then check out these paranormal spots in the good ole state of Idaho.
Mob wars! Nasty lawsuits! Kidnappings! Oh my! Life in Port Charles, New York is anything but harmonius! But what happens when Blair Cramer and her teen son, Jack, move to Port Charles?
Zack and Kendall Slater are bored with Pine Valley life and shock family and friends when they announce their plans to leave Pine Valley to sail around the world.
A shoutout to all my followers on my 900th article being published on
Victoria Harper spent 5 years in an online dating relationship with Matthew McHenry. But after a torturous time waiting to meet, the time had finally come for the two star-crossed lovers to meet. Will their first meeting be the love that couldn’t wait, or a big waste of time?
Vanaya McLoughin is tired of her ex-husband’s, Tarrance, drama woe-is-me-pity parties and blaming her for everything that has gone wrong in his life. She decides to put an end to it!
Shanna Reid is immediately thrust into a mystery when she visits her dying grandmother, whose last words to her are to find her treasure. But a mysterious stranger Shanna meets on the flight to her grandmother, is also looking for the treasure. Just who is the stranger and why does ...
Chapter 9 begins as Daniela gets the shock of her life......but it's not what she thinks...
Enjoy this collection of cinquains--5-line poems--written by me.
This story came to me in dream I had and upon waking up, I wrote the first chapter.
After months of vascillating between Nicole Walker and Jennifer Devereaux, Daniel finally chooses Jennifer. But is too late when Nicole is kidnapped by Xander Cook aka Alexandros Kiriakis, Daniel's cousin, when he assumes that Nicole and Daniel has gotten back together. To save Nico...
JJ Devereaux is looking forward to being a father after he tragically shot Theo Carver and almost committed suicide. But then someone exposes Lani’s baby lies, as JJ’s world spins out of control.
Book II to "When Love Hurts" picks up where an explosion rocked Hill Country High, as bullied classmate plots his revenge on his unsuspecting classmates, Khrystyna, Tanya, Marshall, Jon and Tyler....
Madison finds a beautiful dress from her friend Chelsea for the dance...will she land Noah?
Madison tries to convince her mother to buy her a new dress for the dance instead of wearing one of Brittany's old hand-me-downs.
Two people meet in a bar and begin chatting.....where does it go from here?
I was on a job for my first day as an investigative reporter and hid inside the museum to search the local museum for clues to the murder of museum employee.....
Daniela continues to seek revenge against Cassidy unaware she's being followed....but who is following her?
A shy senior is excited about being invited to a hot new party by the hottest guy in school...but what happens when it all goes wrong in a cruel prank....
$Bill is livid now that he has been forced to hand Spencer over to his son, Liam. And Liam is letting his power over his father to his head as he goes ahead with his changes at Spencer.
A sudsy twist to complicated love and romances from your favorite GH couples. Who will survive these complicated love twists?
Buffy makes a wish that has disastrous consequences. She wishes that she never changed out of being a Vampire from Billy Palmer's dream.
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