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Regardless, of where life takes you there is always a story to be told. If one can look at a negative situation and portray it in a positive way, now that's literature.
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A poem based upon a girl longing for redemption. A chance to make her attacker feel as she did, helpless and afraid.
This is based upon a girl who fails to see what is right in-front of her. Her glasses have blinded her vision.
One person can only take so much, and this girl had enough. This poem is based upon a victim who has taken so much abuse, that she is no longer herself.
I wrote this poem based on the opportunity to put the bad guys in their place, to make them feel as you have, and by how doing so can set you free
This poem is based upon what it feels like to have your whole world turned upside down within a matter of hours and by the people you love the most.
Everyone experiences that one person who weren't who they made themselves out to be. It is hard accepting what you were to them, and that is what I based this poem on.
People sometimes hide things about themselves, due to fear of judgment or acceptance. I wrote this poem to those of you who hide for these very reasons. Pretending to be someone else never lasts.
We try so hard to stand out, but sometimes the hope of doing so just goes away. I wrote this poem about when that happens. When something hurtful causes a person to stop trying and to simply blend in.
We all wish at one point or another that we could change something about ourselves. One particular thing that we can't seem to figure out, and when we can't do so. We start looking to the manufacturer for answers.
I have always questioned whether or not I am cursed. I have my good and bad days just like anyone else, and I wrote this during one of my not so good days.
This is about a woman who refuses to be a victim, another statistic. She stands tall and strong against her attacker.
I wrote this people about being a strong survivor and standing tall against your abuser. To finally get that chance to switch places.
Sometimes we fear our own mind, and for good reason. This is a poem about just that. What it fees like to have a mind that never stops.
Sometimes we fail to see our own worth and it takes an insider to point out our own greatness. I wrote this poem about finding yourself.
Moving on and putting the bad stuff behind can be a difficult task In this particular poem. It s all about having the strength to regain your soul, and begin your life again.
Sometimes the fool isn't who is expected to be. I wrote this poem to all the cheaters, hustlers and liars out there. Be careful who you mess with.
A poem from wife to mistress. Far too often men and women both cheat without thinking of the bigger picture first.
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