Sulaiman Basir

Sulaiman Basir
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Experienced writer on politics, foreign relations, leadership, deliberation and entrepreneurship.
Strategist with LeverageSeed consulting firm.
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Marissa Alexander has been sentenced to 20 years for preventing having her head beat in by her abusive husband.
Relationship marketing is a good opportunity for entrepreneurs to develop both a network and leadership skills. Traditionally high performers in multi- level marketing do not obtain good leadership skills and consequently stud the growth of their network and business.
Many people fail at MLM and run off to tell about it. Unfortunately these folks are never honest about why the failed: the blame is always on the opportunity, the product or the recruit’s respective up-line. The true is most people fail for common reasons that are reflections of th...
The republicans are changing their approach in their war on reproductive and privacy rights. A recent bill passed on the Arizona Senate floor will prevent tortuous claims on physicians who withhold results from prenatal screens.
Although every technique is vulnerable to the untrained response of most audiences, there are a few general points to addressing people that help in setting the environment.
Those entrepreneurs that are successful because they have sufficient starting capital, or have capital stable partners tend to have a false sense of business success and become resistant to advice and even the realities of their industry.
"The high is good... bro... its when I'm clean, I wish I could quit. Then... then I'm high again. You can't run from that drop [heroin] baby". -B. from the Hill Top.
Some people are born to be employees for life. Others are destined to create new opportunities through entrepreneurship.
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